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Matthias Kyburz


"Combing through unfamiliar territory to find my checkpoints, the last thing I need is stomach trouble. From the word go, WINFORCE has been a reliable 'running mate'. Their products are easily digestible. In addition, they provide the energy I require and bring down the recovery time. And they taste almost as great as the Basler Läckerli."

Matthias Kyburz

Sport: Orienteering
Nationality CH
Date of birth 05.03.1990
WINFORCE since 2012
Favorite product Power Protein Cocoa
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2017 5th Sierre-Zinal
4th World Champs Sprint
5th World Champs Relay
2nd World Cup Sprint Lohja
2016 Overall World Cup winner
World Champion Middle Distance
2nd World Champs Sprint
2nd World Champs Relay
European Champion Sprint
European Champion Middle Distance
2015 2nd Overall World Cup
World Champion Relay
6th World Champs Long Distance
2014 3rd Overall World Cup
Champion du Monde Mixed Relay
2nd World Champs Relay
5th World Champs Sprint
5th World Champs Long Distance
2013 Overall World Cup winner
1st World Games Sprint
1st World Games Middle Distance
1st World Games Relay
4th World Champs Middle Distance
5th World Champs Long Distance
2012 Overall World Cup winner
World Champion Sprint
European Champion Relay

News & Stories

Simone Niggli
Matthias Kyburz

July 2012

Double sprint gold in the World Championships

Record-breaking World Champion Simone Niggli and newcomer Matthias Kyburz sprint to orienteering gold at their home World Championships in Lausanne.