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1609 m



Sport: Running
First edition 2015
WINFORCE since 2015
Guest stars Selina Büchel
Kariem Hussein
Mujinga Kambundji
Maja Neuenschwander
Noemi Zbären

The English mile (1609.3 m) has long been classed as the ultimate running discipline. When Roger Bannister became the first person to complete the mile in under 4 minutes in Oxford in 1954, it was like breaking the record of 10 seconds in the 100m sprint. As the only non-metric measurement, the traditional mile still retains its status as an international benchmark today.

News & Stories

Selina Büchel

March 2015

European Indoor Champion

After coming fourth in the World Indoor Championships just the year before, 800m specialist Selina Büchel leaves the European competitors far behind in Prague.

Maja Neuenschwander

April 2015

Vienna City Marathon

Maja Neuenschwander wins her first international marathon in Vienna.

Kariem Hussein

August 2014

European Champion in the Letzigrund

The best recuperation brings success: Kariem Hussein becomes European 400m Hurdles Champion in his 'living room', fuelled by a new WINFORCE blend.

Mujinga Kambundji

July 2016

European sprint bronze

Mujinga Kambundji wins Switzerland's first European Championships medal in the 100 m sprint.