Package Box 9 x 35 g Amount
Flavor Cola-Lemon
3501C Flavor Cola-Lemon CHF 30.00

The Booster is an effervescent, caffeinated, ready-made drink that is fortified with L-carnitine and has a Coke-lemony taste. Just one sip of its taste and you'll feel the pow-WOW-erful caffeine boost! It is this no-nonsense feature that makes this product the perfect energy dispenser for the last half hour of any prolonged exercise activity. It is also safe to be taken at the outset of the workout, to give you an edge and get you peak prepared, on the spot. Should be taken sparingly because of the high caffeine content (160 mg). Not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and persons sensitive to caffeine. Free from lactose and gluten.



1 serving (35 g) before / during exertion.