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Carod wins the finals, Indergand the overall

Swiss Bike Cup

The BMC MTB Racing pulled off a fantastic performance in Lugano to conclude the Swiss season on a high note.

The seventh and last round of the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup had the privilege to crown two men – a winner for the day and a winner for the overall classification – and the team was decided to make the most of the double challenge.
As usual, Carod had a great start and found himself in the leading group made of five riders including Mathias Flückiger and Thomas Litscher among others. The young rider felt at ease in the long uphill but most of all in the downhill leading to the finish line. It’s only during the race that he started believing in his chances. “I really didn’t expect to win today. I didn’t think my shape was good enough to be competitive. After the World Championships (where he was sick), I didn’t train for a week. This week was also pretty relaxed; I rode my bike but didn’t follow any specific programme so today came as a great surprise!”

In the penultimate lap, Kerschbaumer attacked in the uphill. “I managed to keep in his wheel and started the downhill just behind him. I quickly realized that he probably went too hard and wasn’t 100% in control in the downhill so I decided to put pressure on him. I rode as close as possible behind him which pushed him to do a mistake. He had a little crash, lost about 10 seconds and never saw me again. I rode the last lap on my own and could enjoy the last straight finishing solo.”

Carod was obviously really happy with his performance: “It’s a great relieve after the disappointment of Cairns. I didn’t want to finish the season on such a bad note so was keen to do well today even though I wasn’t sure of my shape. Now I feel very motivated for Roc d’Azur!”

„I managed a mission impossible!“ were Indergand’s first words after he crossed the finish line in 6th place and in front of Nino Schurter. The World Champion, second of the overall classification before Lugano, was the clear favorite for the final win but Indergand believed in his chances. “After his new World Champion title, I thought that Nino was maybe a bit more tired and less focused than usual so that it could be my chance.”

In the leading group at the beginning of the race, Indergand saw Schurter struggling and rode his own race focusing on the World Champion’s one. In the end, Indergand took a sixth place which was enough to secure the overall title: “It’s a great result for me. I never thought I could win the Swiss series twice in a row so I’m over the moon!”

Flückiger made the most of his current shape – he was sixth at the World Championships two weeks ago – to take the last spot on the podium 48’’ second behind Carod, followed by World Championships bronze medalist Thomas Litscher (4th)!

On the women’s side it was World Champion Jolanda Neff who once more represented WINFORCE on the podium (2nd behind Alessandra Keller).

Quelle: BMC MTB Racing Team
Bild: EGO-Promotion