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Maja Neuen­schwander


"In the marathon, the race gets really interesting once the distance goes beyond 30km (19 miles). For me, the Carbo Basic Plus by WINFORCE is the ideal sports drink as it ensures that my energy levels are still there and strong even in the final stage. As for after the race, their Power protein makes for a noticeably fast recovery."

Maja Neuen­schwander

Sport: Marathon
Nationality CH
Date of birth 13.02.1980
WINFORCE since 2008
Favorite product Carbo Basic Plus Neutral
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2019 1st Half Marathon Sarnen
5th Frauenlauf Bern (5 km)
2018 1st Half Marathon The Hague (PB/1:10:46)
2017 2nd Switzerland Marathon Light (1:13:40)
8th Half Marathon Barcelona (1:12:28)
2016 29th Olymic Games Rio
8th Tokyo Marathon
Swiss Record 25 km
2015 Swiss Record Marathon (2:26:49)
6th Berlin Marathon
1st Vienna City Marathon
Swiss Records 15 km and 20 km
2014 9th European Champs Zürich
Swiss Record 25 km
2013 2nd Hamburg Marathon
10th Frankfurt Marathon
2012 53th Olympic Games London
2nd Zürich Marathon

News & Stories

Maja Neuenschwander

April 2015

Vienna City Marathon

Maja Neuenschwander wins her first international marathon in Vienna.