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Marc Gisin

Alpine Skiing

"Recovery plays a key role both during the preparation and competition stages. To ensure that I can give my all the next day after a three-hour strength training session or Lauberhorn descent, I need to top up my energy levels as quickly as possible. WINFORCE makes that possible."

Marc Gisin

Sport: Alpine Skiing
Nationality CH
Date of birth 25.06.1988
WINFORCE since 2010
Favorite product Weight Gainer Vanilla
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2018 17th World Cup Lake Louise (Downhill)
5th World Cup Kitzbühel (Downhill)
19th World Cup Wengen (Downhill)
2017 19th World Cup Bormio (Downhill)
2016 5th World Cup Kitzbühel (Downhill)
6th World Cup Wengen (Combined)
2015 11th World Cup Santa Catarina (Downhill)
11th World Cup Wengen (Downhill)
2014 3rd European Cup Wengen (Downhill)
2013 1st European Cup Madonna di Campiglio (Downhill)
2012 11th World Cup Wengen (Downhill)
13th World Cup Chamonix (Downhill)
14th World Cup Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Downhill)
2011 13th World Cup Chamonix (Super Combined)
15th World Cup Chamonix (Downhill)
14th World Cup Kitzbühel (Combined)
17th World Cup Kvitfjell (Downhill)
2010 16th World Cup Bormio (Downhill)