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Michelle Heimberg


"Thanks to WIFORCE, I still have the energy I need in long competitions, for the last jumps, to achieve my best performances and to regenerate myself optimally afterwards. Thanks to the unique taste and the perfect tolerance, I trust in WINFORCE."

Michelle Heimberg

Sport: Diving
Nationality CH
Date of birth 02.06.2000
WINFORCE since 2017
Favorite product Night Protein Vanilla


2019 2nd GP Singapore (3 m/320 points)
1st GP Singapore (3m Mixed Synchro)
2nd GP Kuala Lumpur (3 m Mixed Synchro)
5th GP Kuala Lumpur (3 m)
7th World Champs (1 m)
3rd European Champs (3 m Mixed Synchro)
5th Eurpean Champs (3 m)
7th Eurpean Champs (1 m)
Swiss Champion (3 m)
2nd Swiss Champs (1 m)
2018 8th Youth Olympic Games (3 m)
5th European Champs (3 m)
9th European Champs (1 m)
2nd European Junior Champs (3 m)
Int. German Champion (1 m)
Swiss Champion (1 m/3 m)
2017 2nd European Champs (3 m)
6th European Champs (1 m)
5th European Champs (3 m Mixed Synchro)
Swiss Champion (1 m/3 m)
15th World Champs (1 m)
24th World Champs (3 m)
8th World Champs (3 m Mixed Synchro)