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Sarah Atcho


"WINFORCE helps me to exceed my limits and allows me an optimal regeneration. The high quality products have a balanced taste and meet nutritional requirements for any kind of workout. I always keep in mind: Silver Today – Gold Tomorrow."

Sarah Atcho

Sport: 100 m / 200 m
Nationality CH
Date of birth 01.06.1995
WINFORCE since 2015
Favorite product Night Protein Cocoa
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2019 4th World Champs 4x100 m (42,18/NR)
2nd Swiss Champs 200 m
1st Universiade 4x100 m
9th Universiade 200 m
Swiss Champion 200 m (Indoor)
3rd Swiss Champs 60 m
2018 9th European Champs 200 m
2nd Swiss Champs 100 m (11,20)
1st Athletissima Lausanne 4x100 m (NR/42,29)
Swiss Indoor Record 300 m (36,89)
1st Indoor Meeting Metz (300 m)
2nd Swiss Indoor Champs (400 m)
2017 5th World Champs (4x100 m)
14th World Champs (200 m)
4th Weltklasse Zürich (4x100 m)
3rd Istaf Berlin (4x100 m)
3rd Swiss Champs (200 m)
2nd U23 European Champs (200 m)
3rd U23 European Champs (4x100 m)
1st Athletissima Lausanne (NR/4x100 m)
9th European Indoor Champs (60 m)
2nd Swiss Indoor Champs (60 m)
2nd Swiss Indoor Champs (200 m)
Swiss Record U23 (400 m)
Swiss Indoor Record U23 (60 m)
Swiss Indoor Record U23 (200 m)
2016 12th Olympic Games Rio (4x100 m)
5th European Champs (4x100 m)
Swiss Record 4x100 m

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