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Serafin Wiestner


"The highest levels of concentration when shooting and optimal regeneration after competitions, that's the WINFORCE power!"

Serafin Wiestner

Sport: Biathlon
Nationality CH
Date of birth 20.07.1990
WINFORCE since 2016
Favorite product Carbo Basic Plus Peach
© Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide


2020 6th World Cup Pokljuka (Single Relay)
7th World Cup Oberhof (Relay)
2018 9th Olympic Games PyeongChang (Sprint)
7th World Cup Oberhof (Relay)
2017 7th World Cup Hochfilzen (Relay)
7th World Cup Pyeongchang (Sprint)
13th World Cup Kontiolahti (Mass Start)
18th World Champs Hochfilzen (Sprint)
14th World Champs Hochfilzen (Mixed Relay)
8th World Cup Antholz (Relay)
2016 8th World Cup Pokljuka (Relay)
5th World Cup Presque Isle (Sprint)
7th World Cup Canmore (Mixed Relay)
9th World Cup Östersund (Mixed Relay)
11th World Champs Oslo (Sprint)
14th World Champs Oslo (Mixed Relay)
20th World Champs Oslo (Pursuit)