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Swiss Racing Academy



Swiss Racing Academy

Sport: Cycling
WINFORCE since 2018

The Swiss Racing Academy is a 100% Swiss academy and Elite cycling team. Its goal is to spot, accompany, form and protect the future generation of talents. Unlike most professional cycling teams, looking at commercial communication and short term results on races, the SRA is a long term social project, considering not only the evolution of its members on the sport side, but more globally wishing to optimize their approach of their studies, apprenticeship and personal lives too.


2020 2nd Swiss Champs XC (Rüegg)
2019 12. CX World Cup Namur (Rüegg)
3rd World Cup Brisbane (Team Pursuit/Bissegger/Schmid)
1st World Cup Cambridge/NZL (NR/Team Pursuit/Bissegger/Schmid)
Swiss Cycling Newcomer of the Year
4th Europan Track Champs (Individual Pursuit/Bissegger)
4th European Track Champs (NR/Team Pursuit/Bissegger/Thièry)
21st CX World Cup Bern (Rüegg)
2nd U23 Road World Champs (Bissegger)
Swiss Champion Individual Pursuit (Thièry)
1st Tour du Jura (Rüegg)
Stage win Tour de l'Avenir (Bissegger)
Swiss Champion Elite National (Bögli)
Swiss Champion U23 ITT (Bissegger)
2nd Swiss Champs U23 ITT (Lüscher)
3rd Swiss Champs U23 ITT (Schmid)
Swiss Champion U23 Road(Schmid)
3rd Swiss Champs U23 Road (Lüscher)
2. GC Nations' Cup U23 (Bissegger)
Stage win GP Priessnitz (Bissegger)
1st GP Cham-Hagendorn (Friesecke)
Stage win Tour de l'Ain (Bissegger)
1st Berner Rundfahrt (Bissegger)
1st GP Mobiliar (Schmid)
1st GP Crevoisier (Reutimann)
6th World Track Champs Team Pursuit (Bissegger/Thièry)
7th World Track Champs (Schmid)
9th World Track Champs Individual Pursuit (Bissegger)
Swiss Champion CX (T. Rüegg)
3rd World Cup Cambridge/NZL (NR/Team Pursuit/Bissegger/Thièry)
Stage win New Zealand Cycle Classic (Bissegger)
King of the mountains jersey New Zealand Cycle Classic (Thièry)
2018 1st Tortour Team of 6
2nd Swiss Champs Road National (Lüscher)
3rd Swiss Champs Road National (Paumann)
3rd Swiss Champs ITT National (Paumann)
1st Swiss Mountain Champs (Reutimann)
2nd Swiss Mountain Champs (Lüscher)

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