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June 2017


Premium sports drinks with improved recipe

The Swiss sports nutrition specialist WINFORCE is always striving to further develop and refine its products. In addition to the isotonic sports drink concentrate Isotone (lemon and pomegranate), the hypotonic Carbo Basic Plus lemon (with no free fructose) has also been added to the range. Both sports drinks are available right now and can be sampled this weekend at the Tour de Suisse (Schaffhausen) and at the Zytturm Triathlon (Zug) or a week later at the SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon and Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships in Singen (Germany). Try it for yourself!

No hitting the wall with liquid potatoes

The acid-free Carbo Basic Plus, based on potato starch, has been one of the most digestible and tooth-friendly sports drinks on the market for over 10 years. Last summer, WINFORCE satisfied the need of many top and amateur athletes with its fructose-free peach version. And now the free fructose has also been replaced with dextrose in the Carbo Basic Plus lemon version too. The gluten-free powdered carbohydrate mix is characterised by its mild lemon flavour, improved solubility and record low osmolarity (according to measurements taken by the ETH Zurich) compared to the carbohydrate content. So now you can drink your way through the wall!

Silver Today – Gold Tomorrow

The Carbo Basic Plus and Isotone sports drinks are used in classic endurance sports and various game and fitness types as well as by athletes who have to compete several times a day and so do not have time for a big meal in-between, yet still need plenty of energy. Swiss fencer Benjamin Steffen, for example, uses Isotone during training sessions with a low energy metabolism whereas he prefers Carbo Basic Plus during competitions. "It gives me more stamina without giving me indigestion." Our latest WINFORCE clip shows how the sportsman, who placed fourth in last year's Olympics, prepared for the European Championships.

Different uses

A sports drink should taste great, supply the body with water, energy and electrolytes (salt) as well as being easy to digest. In endurance sport with a carbohydrate requirement of 60 g or more per hour, hypotonic solutions (osmolarity of 150 – 250 mosm/l) like Carbo Basic Plus (175 – 185) have the advantage over isotonic (250 – 340) or hypertonic drinks (> 340) because they are absorbed more quickly. In the case of shorter or lower endurance exercise sessions with a lower carbohydrate requirement (20 – 30 g per hour), Isotone can generally be used as a natural thirst quencher and one bottle of concentrate makes 20 litres of drink.