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January 2019

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Julien Wanders is a phenomenon. Before even turning 23, the Swiss Newcomer of the Year has broken the European 10km record – twice! His best time is 27:25 minutes, a record set at the end of 2018 in the Paris suburb of Houilles. This makes Wanders faster than the 4-times Olympic champion Mo Farah – at least on the road! And Farah’s European half marathon record (59:22) might soon be beaten too; Wanders is ready to tackle the 21.1 km holding the U23 European record (1:00:09) and finishing eighth at the World Championships 2018.

The exceptional runner has been closely supported by WINFORCE on his journey to the top since 2015. Wanders spends most of his time living and training in the highlands of Kenya and so it can be difficult to consume the right amount of protein: "I treat myself to a Shake Power Protein virtually every day and sometimes more if my muscles feel stiff and aching," the 'white Kenyan' says of his simple recuperation regime.


Thanks to its high protein hydrolysate content, this classic WINFORCE protein is the fastest and most digestible way of supplying the body with key amino acid components. The recipe has been adapted for 2019 to ensure higher solubility, improved taste, faster absorption and a gluten and lactose-free composition. This enables even faster protein synthesis, thereby noticeably reducing recovery time after undertaking several training sessions each week – in Wanders' case 12 to 13 sessions.

The regeneration drink Power Protein Plus remains unchanged. The individual portions of the refreshing Cola and Lemon flavours have the advantage over Power Protein Cocoa and Vanilla (now available in a 800g bag) that they can be consumed during exercise, either with water or Carbo Basic Plus if more carbohydrates are needed.

Julien Wanders tends to rely on Power Protein Plus when temperatures exceed 25 degrees Celsius, like during last year's European Athletics Championships in Berlin (7th over 10,000m / 8th over 5,000m), otherwise he uses Power Protein Vanilla or Chocolate straight after the effort. So take inspiration from this young WINFORCE athlete and his favorite product!