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February 2019



Our blend of berries is back, just when you need it most. Nobody wants to catch an infection or fall ill just before the Tortour Gravel or the Nordic World Ski Championships. The wild berries (cranberries, sea buckthorn, blueberries) contained in the Carbo Basic Plus Polar Berries are sourced from the forests of Finland in the Arctic circle where only the most resilient plants and animals can survive at this time of year. The «Polar Berries» are carefully selected and plucked by hand and are significantly more robust than local berry varieties. Their high proportion of secondary plant compounds, namely flavonoids, give the body’s defences a natural boost, in line with the motto: there is no such thing as bad weather for sport, only bad sports nutrition!


What defines a premium sports drink? It should taste great, supply the body with the fluids, energy and electrolytes it needs and be as digestible and low in acidity as possible. Otherwise you might find yourself getting a hefty bill at your next dentist visit. The clever use of potato starch enables the highly hypotonic Carbo Basic Plus to achieve a record-breaking osmolality level of below 180 mosmol/kg with 80 g of carbohydrates per liter. This allows an exceptionally high level of energy absorption and digestibility. All varieties of the Carbo Basic Plus can also be enjoyed warm. The neutral flavor is particularly suitable for this: simply refine it with a teabag or a dash of Isotone/syrup/fruit juice to give your (acid-free) sports drink an individual touch.

Image: (Biathlon Arena) Lenzerheide