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March 2019



The WINFORCE Ultra Energy Complex has long been available in coconut, hazelnut, banana and chestnut flavours and for many years has been known as a delicacy in the nutritional sports supplement sector. The Swiss premium nutrition specialist is now going one better with the 'Edition 2020'. The unbeatable energy concentrate will be available in three new varieties until 2020: 'Dark Chocolate', 'Mango' and 'Salty Peanut'!

Whether before, during or after sport: with the Ultra Energy Complex, topping up your energy levels is child's play – and with an irresistible flavour too! Depending on the variety, one portion of 25 grams delivers 100 to 120 compact calories, corresponding to the nutritional value of a ripe banana.

However unlike a banana or classic sports bar, the 'liquid bar' from WINFORCE can be digested in just a few minutes. In contrast to the standard sugar gel, this natural energy concentrate has the advantage of stabilising blood sugar levels for significantly longer and tasting much better too!

This is all thanks to the natural ingredients such as mango purée in the case of the fruit version and added fatty acids (incl. Omega 3 and Omega 6) in the form of high-quality plant oils, namely olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and canola oil. Together with L-carnitine, they help to preserve the glycogen stores and stimulate the fat metabolism. The result is more energy – and pleasure – over a longer period of time.

The 'Salty Peanut' version fulfils the need for a salty alternative. And with the 'Dark Chocolate' flavour, even discerning gourmets will be satisfied because this dark chocolate treat is like a healthy (sports) dessert.


The Ultra Energy Complex is useful wherever lots of energy in small, digestible doses is required. Having the right energy supply is 'match-critical' i.e. can determine performance over many hours of exercise, such as during the EIGER ULTRA TRAIL. We are therefore proud to now be supplying the Eiger Ultra Trail runners with the perfect (ultra) energy alongside participants in the TORTOUR (Ultracycling), SWISSMAN Extreme Triathlon and swissultra (Ultratriathlon).

By the way: when it comes to the Olympic disciplines, WINFORCE keeps serving as an official and exclusive nutrition partner of Swiss Athletics (track and field), Swiss Wrestling and Swiss Racing Academy (cycling). This connection is reflected not least by featuring their names on the 'Edition 2020'.