Weight Gainer

Package Bag 2500 g Amount
Flavor Cocoa
2701K Flavor Cocoa CHF 95.00
Flavor Vanilla
2701V Flavor Vanilla CHF 95.00

Designed for strength and weight building enhancement, Weight Gainer is a carbohydrate-protein combination with high BCAA concentrations. Free from lactose and gluten, this product contains no stabilzers, artificial sweeteners, thickening agents, or preservatives. Needless to say that Weight Gainer tastes great, is easily digested and has a high solubility.



1 serving = stir 6 measuring spoons (net total 100 g) in a shaker with 300 – 400 ml water, low-fat milk or a preferred liquid. Shake well. Take 1 to 2 servings during the day.