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Benjamin Steffen


“I feel in the best of hands with the WINFORCE team, both as an athlete and as a person."

Benjamin Steffen

Sport: Fencing
Nationality CH
Date of birth 08.03.1982
WINFORCE since 2015
Favorite product Isotone Pomegranate
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2018 4th European Champs (Team)
Swiss Champion (Team)
3rd World Cup Heidenheim (Team)
2017 2nd World Champs (Team)
19th World Champs
Swiss Champion (Individual and Team)
8th European Champs (Team)
18th European Champs
6th World Cup Paris (Team)
17th World Cup Paris
2016 4th Olympic Games Rio
6th Olympic Games Rio (Team)
4th European Champs Torun (Team)
2nd World Cup Rio
3th World Cup Heidenheim (Team)
2015 3rd World Cup Tallinn (Team)
8th World Cup Tallinn
3rd World Champs Moscow (Team)

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