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Daniel Hubmann


"Remaining on the top of one's game, on a world-class level, is determined by details. They're the ultimate make-or-break criteria. It is for this reason that I am excited to have WINFORCE by my side. They are a great partner to have. I like to think that their outstanding products are definitely making it for me."

Daniel Hubmann

Sport: Orienteering
Nationality CH
Date of birth 16.04.1983
WINFORCE since 2012
Favorite product Isotone Pomegranate
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2018 European Champion Sprint
2nd European Champs Relay
2017 3rd Overall World Cup
World Champion Sprint
5th World Champs Relay
5th World Champs Middle Distance
6th World Champs Long Distance
2016 2nd Overall World Cup
3rd World Champs Sprint
3rd World Champs Middle Distance
3rd World Champs Longue Distance
2nd World Champs Relay
European Champion Long Distance
2015 Overall World Cup winner
World Champion Middle Distance
World Champion Relay
2nd World Champs Long Distance
2014 Overall World Cup winner
2nd World Champs Long Distance
2nd World Champs Sprint
2nd World Champs Relay
European Champion Long Distance
European Champion Middle Distance
2013 2nd Overall World Cup
2012 3rd European Champs Sprint

News & Stories

Daniel Hubmann

August 2015

All World Championship titles together

After 4 years without a World Championships medal, Daniel Hubmann secures himself a gold medal in Scotland in the middle distance, plus gold in the relay and silver in the long distance.