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Jil Teichmann


"With WINFORCE, I recover faster and better after every match. It gives me the strength I need to be ultra-fit every single day during all the tournaments!"

Jil Teichmann

Sport: Tennis
Nationality CH
Date of birth 15.07.1997
WINFORCE since 2013
Favorite product Carbo Basic Plus Lemon


2018 2nd round US Open
1. WTA Tournament Newport Beach (Double)
2017 2nd Round Wuhan Open (WTA)
2nd ITF Tournament Cagnes-sur-mer
1st ITF Tournament Chiasso
2016 1st ITF Tournament Montpellier
1st ITF Tournament Périgueux
2015 1st ITF Tournament Braunschweig
1st ITF Tournament Leipzig (Double)
2nd European Champs Juniors
2014 1st US Open (Double/Juniors)
1st Youth Olympic Games (Double)
1st ITF Tournament Chiasso (Double)
2nd ITF Tournament Sharm el-Sheikh
2013 1st ITF Tournament Caslano (Double)