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Martin Grab

Swiss Wrestling

"Ever since I have been relying on the WINFORCE products, I have felt physically fitter and more robust. This enables me to train harder and more intensively and has a positive impact on my results."

Martin Grab

Sport: Swiss Wrestling
Nationality CH
Date of birth 08.06.1979
WINFORCE since 2006
Favorite product Power Protein Cocoa
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2018 Winner Zuger Kantonalschwingfest
2016 12th Eidgenössisches Schwingfest Estavayer (7th Swiss federal wreath)
2015 2nd Stoos-Schwinget
2013 9th Eidgenössisches Schwingfest Burgdorf
2012 3rd Innerschweizerisches Schwingfest Sarnen
2011 5th Stoos-Schwinget (100th wreath)
2010 5th Eidgenössisches Schwingfest Frauenfeld
1st Brünig-Schwinget
1st Rigi-Schwinget
2009 2nd Innerschweizerisches Schwingfest Baar
2008 1st Brünig-Schwinget
1st Rigi-Schwinget
2007 4th Eidgenössisches Schwingfest Aarau
1st Brünig-Schwinget
2006 1st Unspunnen-Schwinget
1st Nordwestschweizerisches Schwingfest Riehen
1st Innerschweizerisches Schwingfest Muotathal
1st Stoos-Schwinget

News & Stories

Martin Grab

September 2006

Unspunnen victory

Martin Grab, second in the Swiss wrestling and Alpine Festival in Nyon in 2001, defeates the reigning Swiss wrestling champion in Interlaken.