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Team Centurion Vaude



Team Centurion Vaude

Sport: Mountainbike
WINFORCE since 2013
© Centurion Vaude

Team Centurion Vaude is home to some of the world's best marathon bikers. Over the course of several hours and at times several stages the long-distance specialists are challenged to maintain peak performance levels. Carbo Basic Plus, Ultra Energy Complex and Power Protein Plus make for Markus Kaufmann, Jochen Käss, Daniel Geismayr and Peter Hermann the perfect fuel that keeps their "diesel engines" running.


2018 1st Transalp (Kaufmann/Käss)
2nd Albstadt-Marathon (Kaufmann)
3rd Albstadt-Marathon (Käss)
1st Zillertal Bike Challenge (Kaufmann)
2nd Engadin Bike Giro (Käss)
Austrian Champion XCM (Geismayr)
2nd German Champs XCM (Kaufmann)
1st UCI Marathon Singen (Geismayr)
3rd UCI Marathon Singen (Kaufmann)
1st Bike Festival Riva (Geismayr)
7th European Champs XCM (Geismayr)
5th Cape Epic (GC/Geismayr)
2017 1st Roc d'Azur Marathon (Geismayr)
2nd Roc d'Azur (XCO (Geismayr)
1st ALB GOLD Trophy (Geismayr)
1st Marathon Oberstdorf (Pernsteiner)
3rd Marathon Oberstdorf (Kaufmann)
3rd Iron Bike Einsiedeln (Kaufmann)
1st Swiss Epic (Geismayr/Käss)
1st Transalp (Geismayr/Pernsteiner)
2nd Transalp (Kaufmann/Käss)
1st Marathon Albstadt (Kaufmann)
2nd Marathon Albstadt (Käss)
1st Vaude Engadin Bike Giro (Käss)
1st Zillertal Bike Challenge (Kaufmann)
3rd World Champs XCM (Geismayr)
10th World Champs XCM (Pernsteiner)
11th World Champs XCM (Kaufmann)
19th World Champs XCM (Käss)
1st Alpen Trophy (Geismayr)
2nd Alpen Trophy (Pernsteiner)
1st Ultra Bike Kirchzarten (Käss)
1st Austrian Marathon Champ (Geismayr)
2nd Austrian Marathon Vice-Champ (Pernsteiner)
1st Bike Festival Riva (Pernsteiner)
1st Marathon Münsingen (Käss)
2nd Marathon Münsingen (Kaufmann)
1st Bike Marathon Kempten (Kaufmann)
3rd Cape Epic (Geismayr/Rohrbach)
9th Cape Epic (Kaufmann/Käss)
2016 1st Transalp GC (Geismayr/Pernsteiner)
4th Transalp GC (Kaufmann/Käss)
2nd Swiss Epic (Geismayr/Käss)
2nd Brasil Ride (Geismayr/Käss)
German Champion Marathon (Kaufmann)
1st Zillertal Bike Challenge (Kaufmann)
3rd Zillertal Bike Challenge (Geismayr)
4th Zillertal Bike Challenge (Käss)
5th Zillertal Bike Challenge (Seewald)
2nd Cape Epic GC (Pfrommer/Rohrbach)
9th Cape Epic GC (Geismayr/Pernsteiner)
2015 1st Transalp GC (Kaufmann/Käss)
4th Transalp GC (Geismayr/Pernsteiner)
2nd Swiss Epic (Geismayr/Käss)
1st Zillertal Bike Challenge (Kaufmann)
3rd Zillertal Bike Challenge (Pernsteiner)
2014 1st Transalp GC (Kaufmann/Käss)
2nd Transalp GC (Geismayr/Genze)
2nd Swiss Epic (Geismayr/Käss)
1st Vaude Trans Schwarzwald (Kaufmann)
2nd Vaude Trans Schwarzwald (Käss)
1st Zillertal Bike Challenge (Kaufmann)
3rd Zillertal Bike Challenge (Käss)
1st Andalucia Bike Race (Kaufmann/Käss)
2013 1st Transalp GC (Kaufmann/Käss)

News & Stories

Markus Kaufmann
Jochen Käss

July 2015

BIKE Transalp hat trick

The Centurion Vaude duo with Markus Kaufmann and Jochen Käss wins the BIKE Transalp for the third time in a row.