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Christian Schuler

Swiss Wrestling

"My recovery time has reduced significantly since I placed my trust in the WINFORCE products. This enables me to train better and ensure optimal preparation for the competitions."

Christian Schuler

Sport: Swiss Wrestling
Nationality CH
Date of birth 02.11.1987
WINFORCE since 2011
Favorite product Power Protein Cocoa
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2019 5th Wreath ESAF Zug
2nd Rigi-Schwinget
2018 1st Innerschweizerisches Schwingfest Ruswil
3rd Schwägalp-Schwinget
2017 1st Ob-/Nidwalder Kantonales
2016 4th Eidgenössisches Schwingfest Estavayer
1st Innerschweizerisches Schwingfest Einsiedeln
1st Stoos-Schwinget
1st Zuger Kantonales
2nd Luzerner Kantonales
2nd Schwyzer Kantonales
2015 3rd Rigi-Schwinget
3rd Innerschweizerisches Schwingfest
1st Zuger Kantonales
2nd Zürcher Kantonales
3rd Schwarzsee-Schwinget
2014 3rd Stoos-Schwinget
1st Urner Kantonales
1st Zuger Kantonales
2013 8th Eidgenössisches Schwingfest Burgdorf
2nd Stoos-Schwinget
3rd Innerschweizerisches Schwingfest
1st Zuger Kantonales
2nd Luzerner Kantonales
3rd Schwyzer Kantonales
2012 2nd Südwestschweizerisches Schwingfest Estavayer-le-Lac
2nd Innerschweizerisches Schwingfest Sarnen
2nd Schwarzsee-Schwinget
2nd Stoos-Schwinget

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