Power Protein

Package Bag 800 g Amount
Flavor Cocoa
2002K Flavor Cocoa CHF 69.00
Flavor Vanilla
2002V Flavor Vanilla CHF 69.00
Package Box 10 x 35 g Amount
Flavor Cocoa
2004K Flavor Cocoa CHF 38.00
Flavor Vanilla
2004V Flavor Vanilla CHF 38.00

Power Protein is a highly effective recovery drink containing three natural sources of protein. Meet the players: high-molecular, slowly-available proteins and hydrolyzed, rapidly-available proteins. Put both in the proper mixture ratio and what you get is a recovery shake which is miles better than any other. Relief is provided to the body by way of the most important amino acid building blocks – both immediately following exercise and still hours later. As a result, recovery after vigorous exercise is greatly inhanced.



1 serving = stir 35 g powder in a shaker with 300 ml water or low-fat milk. Shake well. To support recovery: take 1 serving just after physical exertion.