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After the "Road to Tokyo", Julien Wanders is on the way to his marathon debut. Instead of just waiting by with a cup of tea, WINFORCE is now launching the "Julien Wanders' Record Formula", a premium sports drink which will meet the expectations of the talented runner. Developed hand in hand with Julien Wanders, it is made for your next record.

Breaking National, Area, and World records, Julien Wanders does not merely wish to become the fastest runner of Geneva, Switzerland, or Europe – he aims higher. This drive has led him to the highlands of Kenya, where he has been living and training since his 18th birthday, raising the bar time and time again. Inspired by this exceptionally talented young runner, his long-time nutrition partner WINFORCE has also been looking for the "Next Level". And Japan was where the Swiss specialist in premium sports nutrition found it. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the marathon turns out to be just as revered as the traditional tea ceremony, in which matcha stands for the purest and noblest form of finely ground – but not fermented – green tea.


Why Matcha?
Naturally rich in polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the purely vegetal powdered extract not only inhibits inflammatory reactions in the body, but also gently stimulates the metabolism. Energy transformation from fatty acids is thereby greatly improved. And any athlete knows the equation: more energy means better performance. The inherently bitter caffeine, in turn, combines with the L-theanine amino acid for a pleasant stimulating effect. In contrast to caffeine-laden sugary gels or energy drinks, the stimulating substance is only released in the intestines, which preserves the stomach and has an invigorating effect on both body and mind (psyche). No wonder have the best Japanese marathon runners wielded this "matcha effect" by integrating the "green gold" into their daily routines.

In Iten, Kenya, where Julien feels at home among the very best distance runners in the world, the communal tea break is sacred. And yet the popular chai-version with milk and sugar can only be enjoyed once the training is over, when it is often accompanied by a protein shake. "Before or during intensive long runs however, I need a drink that gets me going without weighing down my stomach", explains the double European record holder. He was immediately convinced by the idea of combining the best of Japan and Switzerland: the natural advantages of organic matcha with the proven benefits of his favorite sports drink Carbo Basic Plus.

Why Carbo Basic Plus?
The resulting recipe is an extremely hypotonic and acid-free blend, based on potato starch, maltodextrin, fructose and matcha, which lives up to the most exigent demands of the "white Kenyan" and even outshines the Kenyan corn porridge ugali in terms of nutritional value and digestibility. This drink with world records ambitions can be enjoyed ice-cold or warm, depending on your needs and the outside temperature, providing a liquid carbohydrate supply of 60 to 90 grams per hour. "I like the refreshing tea flavor: it gets me focused and energized in tense pre-race situations as well as through the rigors of Sub-2 marathon pace", jubilates Julien Wanders about the Record Formula that bears his name.

Julien has ample reason for enthusiasm: the WINFORCE athlete has been testing the new Carbo Basic Plus Matcha for more than a year, all the while breaking no fewer than 6 Swiss, 3 European and one world record. But Julien Wanders would not be who he is, were he to sit on his success. True to the slogan "Silver Today – Gold Tomorrow", he will continue his quest for records with his personal "Record Formula" – today over half marathon, 5,000 or 10,000 meters, and, one day, over marathon…

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