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Grown wild. Hand picked.


Anyone wishing to survive in the icy forests of Finland, within the Arctic Circle, needs to have strong defences. Only wild and hand-picked berries are used to make Carbo Basic Plus Polar Berries which contain a high concentration of flavonoids. These are what gives the plants their color and protect against harmful environmental influences such as free radicals. In people, phytochemicals can minimize the risk of infection and illness. The antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects are also beneficial in sport. After all, the same applies here as in nature: only the fit come out on top.

We will give you an original WINFORCE-BUFF® worth CHF 24.90 for your order of one Polar Berries and one Matcha Box (two boxes of 10 sachets each) until February 14, 2021!
*Offer valid for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Not valid in combination with other promotions or discounts.


Matcha is used in Japanese tea ceremonies. It is green tea in its noblest form. Carbo Basic Plus Matcha only contains organically grown hand-picked Matcha from Japan, which has a high concentration of flavonoids and caffeine. Unlike coffee, the caffeine is bound to secondary plant ingredients (flavonoids) and only released in the intestine. AS a result, the caffeine has a gentle and long-lasting effect. Together with the flavonoids, Carbo Basic Plus Matcha is a real stimulant in sports.

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