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Remo Gugolz: ambitious competitive athlete and food engineer. Yet three torn ACLs forced the wrestler to throw in the towel. Disappointed by the state his injury had left him in and disenchanted with the existing sports nutrition offer (“it was way too sweet, too artificial”), Remo decided to roll up his sleeves and develop his first recovery sports beverages in his garage.

He poured blood, sweat, and passion into the endeavour – and his supplements contributed to his 2002 victory on the ring. Eureka – it works!


Boom! Dani Wyss
Race Across America.

A quick(er) recovery is at the heart of longer lasting and better performance. That couldn’t be any truer than for endurance sports. Dani Wyss made history in 2006 with his incredible feat at the RAAM: 5,000 km on bike, 50,000 cumulative elevation gain across all the United States.  And was by his side with its newly developed products. 



Protein Shakes and the Vancouver Olympic gold medal.


And his Olympic bronze medal.



: one of the three best recently founded companies in Switzerland. Despite the accolade, the company doesn’t lose sight of its objectives. Remo and the team are motivated every day to constant develop and improve their products.

2021 + 

A winning combo!
EVZ: Swiss Champions once again!

EVZ was crowned Swiss ice hockey Champion in 1998. In 2021, they conquered the title again– and successfully defended it in 2022! Absolutely bonkers! Their win was the result of a lot of dedication, the will to beat the odds, and their relentless pursuit of victory. was happy to support the club with the right sports nutrition. Great job, everyone!

2006 - 

What now?
Your success
is our success.

Pushed by his own personal success, Remo founded in 2006. Since then, athletes who know what’s best for them have trusted the Swiss products. After all, Remo doesn’t like shortcuts – he wants only the best solutions. He works with partners, producers, developers, and experts who share his unshakable commitment to absolute quality. Today, is the most important sports nutrition brand in Switzerland. After all, which other energy bar is handmade here?


your sports nutrition

A story 15 years in the making. After all these successes, it was time to create a new image, message, and goal. Our competitors keep on growing. , however, believes in constant improvement and development. It doesn’t believe in compromising on quality, chooses only the best ingredients, comes up with clear, enlightening ideas, and favours close collaboration with athletes. This makes a niche, sports nutrition boutique in the international landscape of successful sports nutrition producers. It only selects and uses the best available when making its bars, powders and beverages. Swiss word of honour.